Investment Management


We specialize in constructing and managing custom investment portfolios, designed to more efficiently grow your wealth while lowering  the overall risk of your portfolio.

In addition to managing your investment portfolios, we use our financial experience to add value in all areas of your financial life.  Our total focus on your financial success, and our ability to provide independent, unbiased advice, makes us the ideal financial partner.

Below are additional services we can provide you as a compliment to our high quality investment management services.  We deliver these services as needed, with no additional charge.



Retirement Readiness Review and Planning

Are you financially ready to retire?  Do you risk running out of money?  We can help you answer these questions and give you a better understanding of any financial risks you may face in retirement.  We can also help you better plan your strategy for claiming Social Security and drawing down on your nest egg.  


Tax Efficient Trading and Planning

Minimizing the impact of taxes is almost as important as having an appropriately managed investment portfolio.  We create custom investment portfolios, which gives us the freedom to carefully plan portfolio transitions and greatly minimize the impact of taxes.   We are not accountants and cannot give tax advice, but we can work closely with you and your accountant to make sure you are not surprised by a large tax bill as a result of changes in your investment portfolio.  The less you pay in taxes the more money you will get to keep and grow over time.


Insurance and Risk Management Planning

Insurance can be an important part of a comprehensive financial risk management plan.  Whether you own a business or have a family that relies on your income, insurance and other forms of risk management can play an important role in securing you and your family’s financial future.  We do not sell insurance, but we can help you understand insurance products that may make sense for you.  We are happy to join you in discussions with your insurance agent to make sure you are fully informed and make the best financial decisions possible.


Client Education and Thought Leadership

Successful investing requires courage. An investor must have confidence in their investment plan so they have the nerve to stay the course when markets become volatile or their portfolio declines in value. How an investor handles market adversity is what separates the winners from the losers.

Courage and confidence comes from knowledge. A foundation of knowledge of markets and the process of investing can help an investor develop greater market resilience and allow them to reach peak performance.

We are investment management thought leaders and produce regular educational content that is supported by our rigorous investment research. Commit to a greater understanding of investing and we will reach the summit together.