Stunning article about the elderly losing their rights

We all know how important it is to plan for the later stages in life for ourselves and our family members. I came across this article in the New Yorker about major abuses in the guardianship system. I think it is important for everyone to read this and develop an awareness of guardianship law so that you can identify potential abuses so they may be avoided. This information is very important to protecting you and your family members rights and assets. 

3Summit is a fiduciary and why that is important to your wealth.

I came across the best article I have seen on the much talked about, but often little understood Fiduciary Rule.  This article clearly articulates the conflicts of interest that pervade the asset management industry.

3Summit proudly signs a fiduciary pledge for all our clients, committing to acting in and protecting the best interests of our clients.  Read this article to find out why this is so important.

Why You Still Can't Trust Your Financial Advisor - Bloomberg

Multi-Dimensional Diversification - Improving on Conventional Diversification


  • Conventional portfolio diversification does little to control overall investment risk as a 60/40 portfolio results in a 97.5% correlation to stocks since 1972.
  • High quality portfolio management decisions can only be made when risk is decomposed in a consistent process that is quantifiable and logical. A Multi-Dimensional Diversification framework provides superior diversification and investment risk control.
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