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Daniel Irvine - Principal

Dan Irvine is an investment strategy expert and veteran financial software developer. He is a problem solver, an entrepreneur and passionate about helping clients gain an investing edge.  Dan has been working as an investment professional for fifteen years, most of those years working for or consulting institutional investors. Dan graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Economics. Outside of work Dan enjoys kayaking on the Potomac river and traveling with his family.


Eric Reed - Operations

Eric has been in the investment operations industry for nearly twenty years, with experience ranging from retail brokerage operations, large mutual fund complex middle- and back-office support, to institutional hedge fund administration.  Eric believes that regardless of account size, the two most important themes in investment operations is attention to detail and service to the client.  Eric graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Finance.  Eric resides in Denver, Colorado, when not in the office, you can usually find Eric enjoying a craft beer or exploring the wonderful outdoors of his home state with his family. 



About the name 3Summit

The name 3Summit is derived from three fourteen thousand-foot mountains called Lincoln, Democrat and Bross, located in Colorado. The mountains are interesting because of their size, but the fact that all three can be climbed in a single day sets them apart. We believe the challenges inherit to successful investing in many ways mirrors the challenges of successfully climbing a mountain. Courage, planning, risk management and perseverance are keys to success in both endeavors. Dan also chose the name 3Summit for the simple reason that it represents Colorado to him, the place he grew up and loves.