We understand your trust must be earned.
We earn our clients' trust.


Focused on your success

We are a fiduciary, providing independent, unbiased, investment management services. We sign a fiduciary pledge for every client, our only incentive is your success.

Experienced investors

You have worked hard for your money, your money should work hard for you. We believe you deserve access to the most sophisticated, well researched investment strategies and risk management techniques available.

Unmatched transparency

We offer powerful, proprietary tools to provide total transparency into how your money is invested and the fees you pay. We believe we have re-defined what it means to be transparent.


Why we are different than other investment
management firms.

Our mission: To provide our client's investment management services we would recommend to our families without reservation.


Dan Irvine, the founder of 3Summit, spent 14 years as an analyst, consultant, and investment strategy expert for some of the largest institutional investors. Given Dan’s investment experience, he has gained a clear understanding that the largest investors are often very successful because they enjoy access to superior investment strategies and risk management techniques, which individual investors generally cannot access.

While helping family members find an investment advisor to manage their assets, Dan quickly discovered that lower quality investment portfolios are not the only challenges facing individuals looking for help managing their investments. The investment advisory industry for individuals is filled with hidden fees, direct conflicts of interests, and "one size fit all" investment solutions. To make matters worse, many advisors are sales people selling investment management as just another consumer product, they are not expert investors qualified to make investment decisions.

After failing to find a suitable investment advisor he would feel comfortable recommending to his family, Dan decided to leverage his extensive investment experience to build a new kind of independent investment management firm. Dan spent over five years developing the portfolio management tools and infrastructure for 3Summit that would be capable of delivering a new level of sophistication of investment management services to individuals. 3Summit was designed from the ground up, to level the playing field for individuals by delivering the same quality of investment management the largest institutional investors enjoy and to resolve the conflicts of interest issues that pervade the individual investment advisor market.


Investing to protect and grow your wealth is our specialty.

Lower risk portfolios grow wealth more efficiently

  • Lowering the risk of a portfolio does not require accepting lower returns.


  • The key to growing wealth faster is to reduce the size and frequency of investment losses.


  • We design investment portfolios that are capable of more efficiently growing your wealth while making investing much less risky.

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A better portfolio structure can dramatically lower investment risk

  • We construct multi-strategy portfolios that diversify not only the securities held but the sources of investment returns within a portfolio. When one strategy is underperforming another strategy may outperform, which helps make the total return of the portfolio more consistent.


  • We provide clients access to high quality investment strategies generally only available to the largest investors.


  • Your financial situation and objective are unique. We construct custom portfolios tailored specifically to your individual needs.


  • We construct portfolios to perform more consistently across all market environments.

Aggressive management of portfolio fees and expenses

  • We use low cost securities in our investment strategies.


  • Client portfolios are traded using a low-cost broker to decrease the impact of trading commissions.


  • We make it easy for clients to understand the fees they are being charged.


Get started securing your financial future


The process to a better investment portfolio and more secure financial future is simple.


Step 1

Schedule an introductory call with us


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Step 2

We design you a custom Investment Plan and review it together

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Step 3

Allow us to implement and manage your new Investment Plan

We will design you a custom Investment Plan for free with no obligation to become a client.  Should you choose not to become a client the Investment Plan is yours to keep.  We are confident you will gain a greater understanding of your investment portfolio and current financial position with no obligations, pressure or strings attached.  3Summit is based in the Washington D.C. metro area, however we serve clients anywhere in the United States.

3Summit has answers to the most difficult questions of trust.

Deciding who to trust to appropriately manage your hard-earned money might be the biggest decision you make when it comes to securing your financial future.  It is important to ask any advisor difficult questions to make sure their interests align with yours. 


3Summit was founded using a simple framework, build a firm that we could answer YES to the most difficult questions of trust.


  • Is 3Summit a fiduciary?





  • My financial situation and objectives are unique, is the investment portfolio you design for me also unique?



  • Does 3Summit take the time to learn about my financial goals?



  • Do I have direct access to the investment decision maker for my portfolios?



  • Will I know exactly how much in fees I am paying 3Summit?



  • Will you help me understand any expenses I have paid even if they are not paid to 3Summit?



  • Do you provide the education and tools I need to understand my investment portfolio?



  • Do you provide an explanation for why you have made certain investment decisions on my behalf?



  • Are my investments and cash held at a reputable custodian to protect from fraud?



  • Does the Principal of 3Summit invest his money alongside client's using the same processes?




The value of independent, unbiased investment management services.


3Summit is a fee only advisor

Our only source of revenue is the management fee we charge our clients. We have no financial incentive to buy specific securities for our clients or sell other financial products like insurance. We never enter into fee sharing agreements or receive commissions. Our interests are aligned directly with your interests, our only incentive is your financial success.

3Summit is not affiliated with a larger investment management firm, bank or insurance company

We are free to provide our clients independent and unbiased investment advice because we are not affiliated with a larger company, so we are not required to balance your best interest with the profit motivations of a larger organization.


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